Endowment Scholarships

A complete list of scholarships available can be found by clicking the scholarship tab at the top of the page.  All Wellington High School graduating seniors are able to apply.  Please see each scholarship description for specific requirements.

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Please note the Wellington Alumni Scholarship has a separate application that can be printed, completed and returned to the WHS Guidance Office.

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All applications must be received by March 18, 2018. 


Please contact:

WHS Guidance office
Mrs. Carrie Stannard- carriejstannard@gmail.com


Drama Club

The WHS Drama Club offers students experiences in the fine arts which include: classroom study which provides the historical and contemporary relevance of drama, improv workshops conducted by Great Lakes Theater Festival performers which teach performance skills, and theater productions at Cleveland Playhouse Square which develop appreciation for the arts. In addition to all of these, participation in all aspects of performance and production of musicals and dramas at the Wellington Schools auditorium provide lifetime experiences for all these students.

Drama Club students also gain experience through their required participation in the organization and production of the annual Wellington Star talent competition by gathering sponsors, preparing flyers and programs, operating technical equipment, providing concessions, tabulating results, working with an audio engineer, and performing on stage. This essential fundraiser is a month-long series of four performances that has become an entertainment event appealing to students and the community.

It is the combined support of The Wellington School District, Wellington Schools Endowment Fund, Friends of Theatre, Women’s League and the Wellington Star project that allows the Drama Club to flourish. As financial constraints have placed new pressures on the School District, the community support has responded to an increasing need. Members of the Wellington business community have played a key role in the ongoing success of Drama Club.

The 2012 production of The Drowsy Chaperone was possible through the cooperative efforts of Drama Club students and Friends of Theatre, a non-profit, community-based group, that supported the production by, concessions purchase and sales, stage management, costume & prop procurement, sponsor drives, set construction, box office, and ticket sales.

Wellington Schools Endowment Fund has been an ongoing benefactor for WHS Drama Club.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Club

The Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Club combines the engineering challenge of a robotics competition with real-world problem solving and inventing. Members learn science and technology skills at the same time as valuable employment and life skills.  While participating in STEM students have built an autonomous robot that they are continually programming and updating to perform a variety of tasks and challenges.

Competition is an integral part of the STEM Club curriculum; however we strive to honor the spirit of friendly competition remembering that what we discover is more important than what we win. Students understand that gracious attitudes and behaviors are ‘win-win’; students develop an intrinsic sense of pride in their accomplishments while making valued contributions in a manner pleasing to others and to themselves. They acquire special knowledge and are trusted by society to use that knowledge responsibly; they learn integrity and sensitivity. In the midst of competition students enact the values that have been taught and they acquire an increased interest in science, technology, engineering, and math that translates into improved academic performance.

One of the challenges in education today is to prepare our students to compete in a global market with programs to help us meet that goal. The technology and science curriculum and standards are being taught and reinforced through the activities and competitions of these programs. Cooperative learning, teamwork and critical thinking skills are also developed and nurtured.


Westwood Field Day

Westwood Field Day, originally an event for all students in the third grade class, has built upon its success to become an event for all grade levels at Westwood School, kindergarten through third grade. It is innovative and impressive in its scope. The objectives of this project are to promote wellness, teamwork, work ethic, sportsmanship, and the acceptance of others. The 2012 Westwood Field Day extended the event to encompass the entire school from K-3 rather than just 3rd grade.  Approximately 350 children participated.  Each grade level was apparent due to their t-shirt color.  Colors coincided with the “Duke” logo so children could also participate in “Duke” days at the elementary school.

Jumping rope, hula hoop, long jump, frisbee throw, softball throw, hopper race, relay race, fill a bucket, over and under, tug-of-war involved every individual to achieve the whole group’s common goals through individual activities and whole classroom activities throughout the entire day at the Wellington Recreation Park. All students of Westwood Elementary participated in a day of activities (individual and whole group) with the help of student council members, national honor society members, high school students, local business owners, community residents, and the staff of Westwood).

In the past, field day was held on the school grounds but because of its growth, the event had to be moved to accommodate such a large group. All children participated in a non-threatening environment which promotes teamwork and sportsmanship.

Westwood students benefited from this project because they learned the importance of teamwork, leadership, and unity. Each classroom wore a different color t-shirt to represent their team. At the end of the day, many different colored t-shirts were standing for the awards ceremony. Over 400 students benefited from the project.

Success for the project required that students from all abilities and skill levels participated and achieved throughout the activities. Results of this project were measured with activity sheets at each station, teacher surveys, principal feedback, and observations of the event).Last year was the first field day that included the entire student body of Westwood.  It was a huge success.  By the end of the day, students were exhausted but all enjoyed the involvement and “fun” that they experienced with their classmates.  Memories for a lifetime were made.

Third grade teacher Malynda Jerousek was the grant writer for Westwood Field Day and reported positive attitudes and overwhelming support from parents, community, staff, and students.” I received e-mails, letters, and cards thanking her for the day.  Students were more appreciative and understanding of one another because of how closely they had to work together in order to complete tasks.”

Jerousek adds “This project advances the mission and vision by promoting what the Endowment stands for.  It raises student’s expectations of themselves and their peers through each activity.  They strive to do the best they can and push their peers to do the same. Community is also involved which brings school and community together.  We are teaching students that a community works together in order to accomplish a goal.  We also teach our older students and our community members that we are responsible for making students a viable part of society.  We all need each other in order to establish a successful community.”